Do you know someone who works in Edmonds and is an exemplary citizen, making valuable contributions to their work, home, and community?

The Rotary Club of Edmonds seeks to recognize such outstanding employees through the Rick Steves Service Above Self Award, an annual award dedicated to those who make Edmonds a great place to work and live.

Rick StevesThe inspiration for this award is Rick Steves, who models Rotary values through exemplary citizenship in his personal, business, community, and global service to others.

As Rick says, “This Award is not for the employee who works the hardest. It is for recognizing an employee whose commitment to your company and our community – whose mix of service and citizenship – can inspire us all to remember that the integrity we bring to our work and our community is the foundation upon which we build a great place to call home – a place like Edmonds.”

“I’m really excited to have my name on an award that recognizes someone who both works hard for their employer and also uses their passion, talents and care to the betterment of the community,”

Rick Steves

Nomination will open January 1.

Nominations are now closed.

Nominate an Edmonds employee for this Award using the link above.

Nominations are open for anyone who works for a business or organization located within Edmonds city limits.

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