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We Are Edmonds Rotary!

Benefiting the community and our world through action, integrity, service, and fellowship.

We are an Edmonds-based community service organization open to all people regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender or political preference.  We host a variety of community service efforts while having FUN!

Our meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 11:30 am at Claire’s Pantry in Edmonds.

Check the Calendar for meeting dates and Speaker announcements. Explore our website, Facebook page and Instagram page to learn more!

Featured Story

The Rotary Club of Edmonds is proud to announce the recipient of the 3rd annual “Rick Steves Service Above Self” award. The inspiration for this award is Rick Steves, who models Rotary values through exemplary citizenship in his personal, business, community, and global service to others.

The recipient of this year’s award is Tana Axtelle. Tana has been the manager of the Harbor Square Athletic Club for 25 years. Her sense of service in her work extends beyond the gym walls and deep into our local community.

As a professional, she takes deep care of our senior population, teaches swimming to the under-privileged, and has been an activist in promoting health awareness in Edmonds.

Tana is an advocate for common-sense gun laws, volunteers her time and expertise for sustainable and inclusive affordable housing and is deeply involved in animal welfare.

Tana is also a connected and thoughtful global citizen who volunteers actively to respond to the ongoing crisis occurring in Ukraine. Tana works in rescue efforts for dogs and cats impacted by the conflict and collaborates with international organization to find shelter, care and support for displaced animals. Her work mitigates the impact of war on human and animal lives.

Her nominator phrases it best: “Tana exemplifies the profound influence that individuals can have when they lend their time, skill, and passion to causes that contribute to the well-being of society at large”.

What’s Happening

Friday, February 23, 2024
By: Maggie Peterson

According Meadowdale High School’s Lora Schwartzenberger, James has continually met the challenge and demands that go with being a scholar athlete. He has had the opportunity to compete, form lasting relationships, develop his leadership and time management skills, and strengthen his work ethic.

Congratulations James!

The Edmonds Rotary Funds Scholarships for Local Seniors

By: Richard A. Okimoto
Since 1976, the Rotary Club of Edmonds has awarded 334 scholarships to graduating seniors from Edmonds-Woodway, Meadowdale, and Scriber Lake High Schools. The total amount awarded has been over $342,705.

 Edmonds-Woodway High School #1   Meadowdale High School #1    Scriber Lake High School #1

Students wishing to apply for a scholarship must be from one of the high schools listed above. Check with your school counseling office to verify if Rotary offers scholarships for students at your school. Applicant must be a U.S. citizen with a recommended minimum grade point average of 2.75. Financial need is the primary criteria for the selection of scholarship winners. Applications for the $1,500 scholarships for 2024-2025 are due to high school counselors by March 1, 2024.

Forms are below

Recipients will be notified by April 26, 2024 and invited to a club meeting for a special presentation luncheon. The $1,500 checks will be dispersed directly to the winners’ colleges/universities in August 2024 for use during the 2024-2025 academic year.

The Scholarship Committee will review all application packets using the following selection criteria:
  1. Financial need of the applicant and their family
  2. Obstacles overcome by the applicant
  3. High school, community service, and volunteer activities including honors or awards received by the applicant
  4. A statement of the applicant’s career goals and objectives
  5. A review of the applicant’s recent high school transcript, letters of recommendation, and a statement of what service to their school and community has meant to the applicant

For additional information, contact Edmonds Rotary Youth Services Committee Chair, Richard Okimoto at scholarships@edmondsrotary.com.

Download the application for your high school here:
Edmonds-Woodway High School #1                             
Edmonds Woodway Application FORM

Meadowdale High School #1
Meadowdale Application FORM

Scriber Lake High School #1
Scriber Lake Application FORM

Graduating seniors from Edmonds-Woodway, Meadowdale,
Scriber Lake High Schools may apply.

Applications are due to high school counselors by March 1, 2024.

Sunday, December 18, 2022
By: Maggie Peterson
This scholarship recognizes the courage and fortitude demonstrated by those individuals who have lost everything but continue to strive toward a better life. In offering this award, the Edmonds Rotary Club wish to provide encouragement and a “second chance” to students with histories of incarceration or homelessness. The scholarship is intended to help provide an opportunity for these students to experience the transformative benefits of higher education. The donors hope that on receiving the award, students will in turn be inspired to pay it forward and help others to achieve their aspirations as well.

This scholarship is for students enrolled at Edmonds College and can be used for educational expenses (tuition, fees, books and supplies) and life expenses (housing, food, transportation).

For more information, contact Richard Okimoto: raoarch@outlook.com or 425-697-0983



Club Social
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Edmonds Weekly Club Meeting
Speaker: Rachel Gardner - musician and founder Musicology
Topic: Rachel will tell us about the recently opened Musicology store in downtown Edmonds, which sells used and new vinyl, CDs and other music-related merchandise.
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Edmonds Weekly Club Meeting
Speaker: Debbie Moore & Heather Evans PNW Partners For Work
Topic: PNW Partners for Work is a cause based Rotary Club focused on equity and access for all people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Debbie (Sr Pgm Manager) and Heather (President Elect) will provide an overview of the club's work.
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Edmonds Weekly Club Meeting
Speaker: Maggie Peterson and Lamin Manneh
Topic: International Service Committee will give an update on the Club's International Service Project in The Gambia.
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Edmonds Weekly Club Meeting
Speaker: Erin Peterson - Assistant Librarian, Edmonds Library
Topic: Erin and Paige will discuss the resources available at the newly remodeled Edmonds Library.
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The Rotary Club of Edmonds - Tiny House Build
Topic: Tiny House Build - Sound Foundations NW Hope Factory
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Wine Tasting Party
Topic: Wine Tasting
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Edmonds Weekly Club Meeting
Speaker: Erik Ashlie-Vinke - Sound Transit
Topic: Erik will provide an update of new Sound Transit projects including the Sounder line and Lynnwood Link Extension
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Grotto At Edmonds Arts Festival
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RI theme 2023-24 Create Hope in the World


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Together, we see a world

where people unite and take action

to create lasting

change across the globe,

in our communities, and in ourselves.